We offer the following:

-  Karate
-  Hakutsuru  (White Crane)
-  Kobudo 
-   Iaido

The Director and Senior Instructor Barry Wake teaches all classes.  Barry started his martial arts training in 1972. He has been teaching classes and seminars for over 43 years.  

Mr. Wake’s focus of study has been Shorinryu Matsubayashiryu Karate, Shorinryu Kobayashiryu Karate, and Kobudo, Kohokan Konanryu Karate, Kobudo and Hakutsuru (White Crane). 

He has also studied Isshinryu Karate, Kyokushin Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Boxing and Kickboxing.

He has been very fortunate to have been able to train with some excellent, extremely accomplished instructors over the years. 

"Each one has taught me extremely important concepts and precepts that has had a major influence on the the way I practice and teach martial arts. It has been a Great Honor to train with these individuals, some for decades, some for hours."

Here is an abbreviated version Mr. Wake's Martial Arts Lineage

Come and Train with us or if you would like to schedule a seminar in any aspect of Ryukyu Bujutsu, Core Martial Training, Common Sense Self Defense, specific kata training, bunkai (Practical Applications) etc. I think you will find our approach to bunkai exciting and enjoyable. 
These theories can be added to any martial arts system and enhance your training, and bring life to years of kata training that may have become less interesting to you. 

Kata (Prearranged Techniques) have many secrets built in. You can find them yourself with a little outside of the box thinking. We can share what we have found which may give you some ideas to work from. 

"Humility, Clear Mind, Smart - Focused Training, Perseverance, and Dedication, -  the price to be paid for excellence. To achieve excellence and then not to pass that learning along, with wisdom, to future generations is a true tragedy. So much has been lost in time; don't loose hard earned knowledge intentionally unless there is no one able to receive it."
Barry Wake 
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These are just a few pics of some of the phenomenal Instructors I have been able to train with.
Make your training exciting again! 
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We will get back to you ASAP! 

As with most all traditional martial arts dojos we incorporate kata and kata bunkai as a central focus of our training. 

Our Kata training includes precepts, bunkai, and theories from, but not limited to: 

Fukyugata Ichi, Ni, Sandan
Naihanchi, Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Godan 
Wankan (Okan) 

Hakutsuru 1-5 (Lineage, R. S. Oyakawa Sensei)

Matsumura No Ananku 
Matsumura No Gojushiho 
Hakutsuru Mei 
Ryuto Chiken (Ryu To Chi Ken) 
Ni Pai Po (Kinjo Kana Hakutsuru) 
Hakutsuru Ken
Matsumura Hakutsuru

We also train in the traditional kobudo arts focusing on Bo, Sai, Tuifa (Tonfa), Kama, Nunchaku, Eku and Tekko. Added to this are Escrima, Rope, Bandana and Knife techniques. 

We train traditional Yakusoku Kumite, Kata Bunkai, and traditional Hojo Undo techniques. 

You are welcome to come and share with us some of your favorite katas, theories, etc. 

"It's not how many kata you know, but how much you know about your kata!" 

We study, break down, practice many kata. There are many kata in existance, some ancient, some newer, all have merit and meaning. Open your mind, learn and grow, become a better martial artist than you were yesterday.  Kaizen no Michi = the path of constant improvement.